Meet EIT Digital Startups @ Digital Health Days

Digital Health startups focusing on Health Apps are booming in Stockholm proving that there is a basis for the report concluding that Sweden along with Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands and UK offer the best market conditions for mHealth companies (EU Countries´mHealth App Market Ranking 2015, by Research2Guidance).

EIT Digital is a track partner at the Digital Health Days event (September 23-24) and will facilitate for startups in the HWB Business Community to connect with potential customers, collaboration partners and investors. EIT startups will present at on the main stage during the startup catwalk and demo at the dedicated EIT Digital booth.


Chino provides to health application developers a storage service to securely store sensitive data according to EU data protection laws and state of the art security standards. Chino aims at facilitating health application development by helping developers in increasing security and privacy law compliance of their apps.



HeiaHeia is an online platform that motivates employees to change to healthier life style, share activities with colleagues and complete wellness challenges – bringing a fun and social dimension to being healthy. HeiaHeia has hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of workplace clients globally. Research shows that HeiaHeia improves wellness for over 60 per cent of its users. We also manage to reach less active and aware individuals.


Quick Posture

Quick Posture is award winning software that turns an affordable gaming sensor into a 3D digital human movement laboratory. Postural alignment, balance and movement quality can be measured and documented within minutes. Health seekers are given automated animated feedback, and in addition to making better decisions, health providers save time and money.


Voxygen Health

Voxygen Health is a subsidiary of Voxygen, a French company specialising in multilingual digital text-to-speech technologies. Voxygen Health develops IT solutions for the health industry that rely on these technologies, including personal speaking aids, non-invasive diagnosis systems and virtual physicians.



Wellmo is a mobile health solution that brings health service providers into the digital age. It enables them to successfully develop preventative health services that make them more agile, innovative, engaging, cost-effective and profitable, leveraging the opportunities of mobile health. Wellmo can be marketed as a mobile front office to provide direct access to the services of our customers. At the same time it functions as a dashboard where people can take control and improve their wellbeing, with the support of a preventive care professional, based on real time and relevant health trackers.


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