MEDICA 2015 shines a light on the Health and Wellbeing Business Community

EIT Digital Health and Wellbeing Business Community participated at MEDICA 2015, Düsseldorf. It is the world’s largest medical trade fair, and it happens back to back with the international leading supplier specialist trade fair, COMPAMED. MEDICA has the reputation to be the central meeting point of the international health business. This year about 130,000 specialist visitors from around 120 nations came to Düsseldorf (previous year: 128,500). 

MEDICA Health IT Forum, Digital transformation in Early Detection

Outi Toijala, Health and Wellbeing Business Community Lead, managed to get a one hour presentation slot in the Medica Health IT Forum, Red Stage also called Leadership stage, on Tuesday 17th Nov at 5pm. The title of the session was ‘Digital transformation in Early Detection’. Outi welcomed the audience and gave a short introduction on the HWB Action Line focus. Thereafter each startup got the opportunity to give a 5 minute presentation, directly followed by questions of the audience. Moderation of the outstanding session was also with Outi.

The 4 startups that were lucky to pitch on stage were:
>> UgenTec  by Mr Tom Martens, Managing Director and co-founder 
>> Finbiosoft  by Mr Jani Huttunen, CEO and Founder
>> QuickPosture by Mr Glenn Bilby, Founder  
>> Hand in Scan by Mr Csaba Hako, Director Sales & Marketing 


Next to Ugentec, Finbiosoft, Quickposture and Hand in Scan, the Health and Wellbeing Business community members Tinnitracks and a member of Cloud Business Community participated also at the MEDICA trade fare and some conferences. All startups were offered an opportunity to use the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) match-making platform to pre-agree one-to-one meetings and the ones who used it got many valuable leads. On top of the meetings, all startups arranged other pre-agreed meetings themselves. Extra opportunity was there for Hand in Scan as they could join the Hungary country booth, from where they received a lot of valuable leads. Taking into account the Hungary stand leads, all startups received about 90 quality leads from MEDICA. 

Tinnitracks announces Fraunhofer collaboration at MEDICA

Sonormed the company behind Tinnitracks, had a real scoop to reveal at MEDICA. At the stage of the Technische Krankenkasse, they announced their partnership with EIT Digital’s core partner Fraunhofer for cooperation, to enhance patient individualisation features of Tinnitracks.  It was major positive news for Sonormed and again a big milestone in their ‘roller coaster’ after winning the Idea Challenge 2014. Read the press release for more information. 

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