Marketing & Communications 101: How to Pimp your Public Appearance

For a startup it can be very challenging to approach the different target groups (consumers, media, investors etc) and convince them about the uniqueness, the usability, or quality of a no name product. First you need to create awareness and then build up the trust in your brand. If you don’t know how, or you just need feedback on your activities, this workshop is your chance to get hands-on guidance from real experts towards efficient – and maybe even game changing – external communications practices. Our experts will work on your marketing materials, event propositions, public relations activities and/or social media endeavors – and provide tips and tricks to improve your performance.

3 Questions that lead to Marketing & Communications Success

The experts Alexa Shoen (PR & Social Media strategist from Silicon Valley), David Knight (co-founder and editor-in-chief of Silicon Allee), Maren Lesche & Hanneke Riedijk (both senior Marketing & Communications managers at EIT ICT Labs) will first introduce the topic and share some insights before changing to 1:1 sessions where you receive personal advise and feedback. Each session handles a different question:

  1. How to develop MarCom strategy that meets your business goals?
  2. How to sell your story to an editor/story telling?
  3. Which instruments are available to implement your strategy and how to use them?

If you would like to attend these 1:1 sessions, please register via Eventbrite and indicate why you would like to participate. You can attend them “offline” at the EIT ICT Labs Co-Location Centre in Berlin or online via Skype (but you will miss the beer and pizza part in the end).

Once you receive a confirmation for the 1:1 session, please feel free to share your material by July 20. This will give the experts enough time to prepare individual feedback.

The “introduction & insights” part in the beginning (18:00 – 18:35 CET) will be live streamed via Google Hangout and can be accessed without registration (just go on the EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge Google plus page).

Programme (On- and Offline in CET)

18:00 - 18:05
Brief welcome

18:05 - 18:15
Introduction & insights: “How to develop a MarCom strategy that meets your business goals” by Alexa Shoen

18:15 - 18:25
Introduction & insights: “How to sell your story to an editor/Story telling” by David Knight

18:25 - 18:35
Introduction & insights: “Which instruments are available to implement your strategy and how to use them” by Maren Lesche and Hanneke Riedijk

18:40 – 20:15
4 x 20 min 1:1 slots – “How to develop a MarCom strategy that meets your business goals?” with Alexa

4 x 20 min 1:1 slots – “How to sell your story to an editor/Story telling?” with David 

8 x 20 min 1:1 slots – “Which instruments are available to implement your strategy and how to use them?” Maren & Hanneke

20:15 - 21:00
Beer & Pizza (just offline)

Let us introduce you to the Experts

Alexa Shoen teaches networking and content marketing, and consults for startups who are looking to expand their businesses into the US market. She also ghostwrites for clients in both the EU and the States. She helps startups in the EU tackle marketing and business development problems, armed with both her marketing background and her wide exposure to go-to-market launch planning and venture capital investment strategy in Silicon Valley. Prior to moving to Berlin, Alexa worked in San Francisco for CreativeLive, an online education startup whose mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs with the business skills they need to thrive. She holds a Bachelors in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame.

David Knight is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Silicon Allee, an independent English-language news website and community which has been covering the startup and technology scenes in Berlin and across Germany since June 2011. It is the country's foremost international tech news source and now offers its community a wide variety of services and events. David moved to Berlin in 2007 and has since worked for some of Germany's biggest online news portals including and Spiegel Online, and still contributes to a variety of different publications.

Hanneke Riedijk is Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at EIT ICT labs and has been working as a communication specialist in Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. Public relations and social media play a key role in her portfolio. Hanneke likes to play with words and has a sharp eye for text structures. She has a passion for writing – especially when it comes to people’s drives – and hopes to publish her management book in the near future.

Maren Lesche is running innovation as Senior Marketing & Communications Manager of the German IT-leadership program Software Campus ( and international start-up programs, e.g. Telekom Innovation Contest and EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge. There is no communications instrument in the world that she doesn’t know – and she is always full of great new ideas.

In case of further questions, please contact Sanaz Nayeb via

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