Marinus Jakobus Plasemeijer, well-known specialist of functional programming visited Budapest CLC

Marinus and Master School students at Budapest CLC

Marinus Jakobus Plasemeijer

EIT ICT Labs Budapest APG had the opportunity to welcome Marinus Plasmeijer, the well-known specialist of functional programming as a guest speaker in the Budapest CLC on the 12 November 2014. During the informal, inter-active meeting with the current MSc students the expert shared both some professional and personal stories about his career and also answered openly the questions of the programmers of the future.

One of the mission of Budapest CLC’s is to invite guests like academic professors, successful entrepreneurs, internationally accepted specialists from the field of IT to offer the opportunity for the students to meet famous, widely known experts personally and ask their questions so that they get several interesting points of view on their profession. These events may help them define their career path as well as the shape/design their future.

Further information about the expert can be found here:

There is a book called „The Beauty of Functional Code” that was published in 2013 and was dedicated to Rinus Plasmeijer on the Occasion of His 61st Birthday.

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