Looking Glass wins best paper award at CHI 2012

EIT ICT Labs and Telekom Innovation Laboratories have built Looking Glass, an interactive shop window. When interacting with the Looking Glass, people see themselves on a screen as in a mirror, and can play with virtual objects. 

Looking Glass was deployed for six weeks in the innovative 4010 Telekom Shop in Berlin, Mitte, where thousands of people played with it. 

The team of mobile and physical interaction of Telekom Innovation Laboratories conducted a study on how people can notice whether a shop window is interactive. The resulting paper was awarded a best paper award at the CHI 2012, the premier conference on human-computer interaction.

See Looking Glass video

Looking Glass was completed within the EIT ICT Labs' Smart Spaces action line, in the Public Living Labs activity.

Jörg Müller, Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Michael Nischt, Florian Alt
Looking Glass: A Field Study on Noticing Interactivity of a Shop Window CHI '12

Maurice ten Koppel, Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller, Robert Walter
Chained Displays: Configurations of Public Displays can be used to influence Actor-, Audience-, and Passer-By Behavior CHI '12.

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