Leverage an Innovating Enterprises Forum on European Scale

When it comes to retailing, the region of Lille, North of France, is at the epicentre of the largest concentration of consumers in Europe, with 100 million people living within a radius of 300 km. It offers quick, flexible access to the richest markets in Northwestern Europe and to the world. That is why number of retailing brands decided to set-up their headquarters there.

Within “Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation”, the region has implemented the Innovating Enterprises Forum, promoted by PICOM the regional cluster for retail .

 For that 4th edition, EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator and Smart Spaces action line promoted European start-ups, allowing them to present their products and services, giving this national event an international punch.

Living Networks, a Swedish start-up, provided a demonstration of semantic light, adjusting specific qualities and quantities of light to enhance the visual perception of the environment, in warehouses for example.

Innorange from Finland promoted his business intelligence solution which collects real-time feedback from customers and gives a direct contact to dissatisfied customers enabling to turn dissatisfaction around before it hits bottom line.

Actually city centres and shopping malls are less busy because of online shopping. Blue Mark Innovations from the Netherlands provides answers to these retailing changes. They deliver valuable information such as how many people are in the city centre right now, which routes they choose and how long they stay? With these kind of available data retailers can take action in real time...


Want to know more? Ask Pierre Pleven and Petri Liuha.

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