Latest Digital Media stars graduate from EIT Digital Academy

EIT Digital Master School Graduation Day 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

EIT Digital Master School Graduation Day 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden



Students on EIT Digital Academy's Digital Media Technology programme joined their peers in the graduating class of 2016 when they received their diplomas on November 26.

As a group they boast specialisms in Virtual environments, Hypermedia, Media Processing and Communications. On November 26, the students on the EIT Digital Master School Digital Media Techology programme received their diplomas at the EIT Digital Masters School Graduation Day in Stockholm. They picked up two Master School degrees and a certificate of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. These digital media stars will not only be able to offer technical know-how to the market, they will have spent time on the course honing the innovation and entrepreneurial skills essential to turn concepts into market-ready products.

Our world is becoming increasingly digitised - from photos to voice messages, virtually all media data is now in digital form and so understanding how to manage, transfer and optimise that data has never been more important. But technical expertise in this area, in and of itself, is no longer enough. Industry is crying out not only for those who can master digital technology, but those who can also see and seize upon opportunities to create and commercialise new innovative digital media products and services.

Accordingly, EIT Digital's programme in Digital Media Technology focuses on both of these aspects. At a technical level, it covers enabling technologies for digital media systems including technologies for analysing media, generating interactive media, processing and coding, optimising wired and wireless transfer, and distributing digital 3D contents. But crucially the programme also provides courses in innovation and entrepreneurship which cover business and management, business model generation and venture development.

Dr. Patrick Hartigan, Head of the EIT Digital Master School said: "New media technologies not only tend to be disruptive for existing business models, they almost always have significant cultural and social impacts as well. That's why on this course we emphasise user-driven innovation and holistic analysis of service, technology, organisation and financial perspectives. We've seen and continue to see enormous transformations being brought about by digitalisation. Our courses are designed to ensure that our graduates are not only capable of understanding that transformation technically, but to also capitalise on the innovative potential it opens up."

The Digital Media Technology programme involves six partner universities: Aalto University in Finland, BME in Hungary, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, University of Technology Delft in the Netherlands, University of Trento in Italy and UCL in the UK. Students can specialise in Media Processing and Communications, Virtual Environments and Hypermedia.

Students follow their masters in two universities and even have an additional summer school course at a third university.

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