KTH presented innovative research to Barack Obama

On a very brief visit to Stockholm, Sweden, U.S.  President Barack Obama choose to pay a visit to KTH Royal Institute of Technology. KTH president Peter Gudmundson was pleased to present three innovations in the field of renewable energy solutions, specifically solar and fuel cell technology. 

This interest in our research signals our strong international position and that we are in the forefront, which we are very proud of, says Peter Gudmundson. It is research for the future, which can be of vital importance to us all. 

Pär Hedberg, CEO STING, Stockholm Innovation& Growth, affiliated to KTH and EIT ICT Labs was very honored to be part of the innovation ecosystem that has supported the development of the commercial products from research conducted at KTH. 

One of the green products that were presented to the President was the hydrogen powered mobile charger, myFC PowerTrekk. 
- myFC is a fantastic proof of what we have managed to achieve in providing the right conditions for building international growth companies, based on KTH research, says Pär Hedberg. 

Another project that was presented underlined the importance of giving students practical experience of using theoretical knowledge about renewable energy during their studies. A group of students have developed a vehicle driven by fuel cells.

-Sleipner, as the test car is called, is an example of innovative and creative thinking – important aspects for understanding how technology effects society and how the students can influence this, stated the research leader Rakel Wreland Lindström.  

President Obamas comment on what he had seen and learnt by the end of the visit was simply: Excellent!

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