Kick-off workshop Professional Learning in CLC Eindhoven

On Thursday 31 January and 1 February the kick-off workshop on Professional Learning took place in the Co-location in Eindhoven. There were partners from the EIT ICT Labs nodes of Trento, Stockholm, Helsinki and of the Eindhoven node. The select audience took the chance to outline the ambitions for 2013 and 2014 activities and formulate the scope of Professional Learning in EIT ICT Labs. 


After a short introduction round, the meeting continued with a presentation by Harold Weffers from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). A limited survey with respect to professional learning requirements was performed within the Eindhoven Node by Novay and the TU/e. The desk research involved EIT ICT Labs partners and other organisations from the industrial and services domain. Harold Weffers presented the first results of series of interviews held with industrial EIT ICT Labs partners in the context of the survey. 

The presentation had a strong focus on setting the scope for Professional Learning and led to a lively discussion on the reasons why the activity of professional learning is needed back to back with EIT ICT Labs’ Master School and Doctoral School. Next Trento and Stockholm gave short presentations on their view on Professional Learning. These presentations were based on a template presentation distributed with the invitation and were driving the discussion on the goals of Professional Learning activities.


On Friday morning the meeting continued and focused on the formulation of a rough call for activities. Three topics were identified and discussed: 
> courses provided by the academic partners for the industrial EIT ICT Labs partners

> the exchange of people between academic partners and industrial EIT ICT Labs partners

> the exchange between industrial EIT ICT Labs partners.


The atmosphere was very constructive and the discussions on the scope of Professional Learning were fruitful. Everybody agreed to the fact that the Professional Learning activities initiated by ICT Labs should offer something new that is not already available in the (commercial) education market for professionals.

For more information contact: Mark van den Brand of the Eindhoven University of Technology:


Author - Else Embregts

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