Kick-off Professional Online Education in Brussels last 10-11 March

Anders Flodström

Kick-Off in Brussels

Martijn Klabbers, Education Coördinator

Online Education is considered to be the next logical step in education. It offers better flexibility in following lectures both physically and in time; courses are available 24 hours. Online courses can improve the offered education continuously by monitoring and adapting the course ware. 

Tuning the education to the individual need of a student or trainee will become more effective than in traditional learning systems. Imagine the possibility and opportunity that are going to be in reach…! The developments in online learning are speeding up more and more. It is not a matter if Online Learning will become the standard but when. Professional learning in the context of Life-long learning will be an important part.

Anders Flodström, Education Director of EIT ICT Labs, stresses the importance of professional learning: “ICT education is probably the most dynamic area of education. Professional roles change faster and faster. To keep up with the pace and provide quality, blended learning is necessary. EIT ICTLabs wants to lead this development!”

Last 10-11 March, a group of 16 partners came together to kick-off the Online Learning Platform, in Brussels. The aim was to start the digitalization of professional courses in the new online education platform and to align the activities. In 7 presentations on Monday and one on Tuesday the participants sketched their perspective on their professional learning contribution. Discussions about the business case for professional learning provided some great insights and a starting point for further exploration. 

Next meeting in Online Education is a hands-on experience workshop using the future EIT ICT Labs online education platform at the Eindhoven Co-location Centre on April 22 and 23. 

If you want to have more information on this activity or you would like to join the workshop, please contact Martijn Klabbers, online education coordinator:



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