Key innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Madrid co-organized by EIT with Madrid EIT ICT Labs CLC participation

On Friday, 14 February 2014 the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering (RAI), in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), with participation from the IMDEA Software Institute, organized a conference dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain and Europe, on the theme "Perspectives for a mobilization".

The conference invited a set of first-level experts from academia, business, public administration, and specialized organizations to analyse the state of innovation and entrepreneurship and to debate on actions needed for exploiting Europe's and Spain's potential for advancing entrepreneurship and innovation.

The conference was opened by José Manuel Leceta, the Director of EIT, who spoke about the vision of a European innovation ecosystem based on people, and the role of EIT.

The conference invited talk was delivered by Carlos Domingo, the President of Telefónica I+D, a member of the EIT ICT Labs Spanish Associate Partner Group (APG), who spoke on the roads to innovation.

Manuel Hermenegildo, the Director of the IMDEA Software Institute, spoke in the session on the vision of innovation and entrepreneurship from the point of view of research and development, where he presented the EIT ICT Labs activities in Spain, the work of IMDEA Software and the Madrid CLC, as well as of the Spanish APG, with a special accent on the Business Development Accelerator segment and the aligned Spanish ecosystem of business incubators and accelerators.

The session also included Mateo Valero, Director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, also a member of the EIT ICT Labs Spanish APG.

Other sessions in the conference addressed entrepreneurship and innovation from the perspective of big enterprises, with representation from entrepreneurs, investors, leading government agencies, and other large businesses and research organizations.

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