Jean Gelissen, EIT ICT Labs' HWB Action Line Leader, gives keynote @ health seminar in Kent

Jean Gelissen, Action Line leader of EIT ICT Labs’ action line Health & Wellbeing, gave the keynote at a health seminar on 6th November, organised in Gatwick by the Health and Europe Centre that is an affiliated member of the Academic Health Science Networks. The Health and Europe Centre wants to create relationships with Europe and EU institutions to improve health and wellbeing of the local population in Kent, Surrey that is home to the highest concentration of health technology companies in Europe with good chances on opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships.

Academic Health Science Networks were created in May 2013 with the aim of bringing together health services, and academic and industry members. Their stated purpose is to improve patient outcomes and generate economic benefits for the UK by promoting and encouraging the adoption of innovation in healthcare. In the spirit of the stated purpose a seminar was organised with Jean Gelissen as the keynote speaker.

The seminar was considered to be a learning moment on the practices in the collaboration of Industry and knowledge centres within EIT ICT Labs’ action line Health & Wellbeing as a proven case. Jean Gelissen shared the experience on the close collaboration in the EIT ICT Labs strategy of the knowledge triangle Education, Research and Business. The collaboration in the knowledge triangle is crucial to achieving the overall goals of the HWB action line in which the involvement of regular HWB service providers and innovative third party service providers is essential. Especially the Active Healthy Ageing strategy and the activity in the societal challenge of dementia was an eye-opener to the audience.

According to the initial feedback on the keynote, the audience representing more than 50 organisations in health, evaluated the keynote of Jean Gelissen as ‘excellent’. 

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