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The Dutch startup Izooble is participating in the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator and is being coached by Alain le Loux. The startup is based in the Co-location Centre of EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus. Izooble developed a new search technology that extracts products based on recommendations from a user’s network. All products found are based on reviews and ratings from the people in their network that matter to you most. Hence, 92% of all consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of recommendation.

The technology can be used by the entire worldwide internet community, as Izoobles’ technology puts individuals, wherever they are, in the centre of their own network as the starting point for finding and discovering exciting new, relevant and unbiased content (books, music, games, apps and whatever you like…). One may say that Izooble is a Social Recommendation Platform for products with its full focus on the booming “social commerce” market in which people use their social networks to find, share and buy products online. Special is that it offers 100% personalized search results and 100% relevant content in your wall, without privacy issues and free of advertisements. 

Demo Day, Investors and Business Angels

On 21 March, Izooble held its first demo day in the Co-location Centre Eindhoven, showcasing the status of the Izooble technology and to present the current development team to the investors and friends. Ton van de Ven, CEO Izooble said that he is a “bit overwhelmed to meet such great synergy between the product development team and investors. Because next to the main investor Mark Bevers, a little crowd of 6 persons each invested in Izooble and I have met them for the very first time. They believe in us because they want to change the way we search and find product information on the net. A certain group of customers more and more want to go for what really matters through the people that matters to you the most.”

Mark Bevers is one of the investors and as business angel involved in Izooble. On the question how he got involved he answered: “I have met Ton at the EIT ICT Labs Investors’ Dinner Eindhoven that took place last September. Out of the 14 participating startups, for me this project was very appealing because it is very transparent, the investment need was clear and the market is ready for it. We need a social platform in which users are not chased by ‘cookied’ advertisements and that offers you the chance to find information that matters to you as an individual. With the Izooble platform you can enjoy the use of social media at your own conditions without worrying that your data is not protected or sold at the highest bid. Last but not least, I had a personal click with Ton. He is enthusiastic, very persistent and that is an important skill when you build up an enterprise!

Expectedly, the first beta version of the demo will be ready in 3 weeks. Everyone who wants to test the Izooble platform can apply for it through their website: 

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