Italian Premier Letta Inaugurated TechPeaks – International Talent Accelerator

Italian Premier Enrico Letta inaugurated TechPeaks, the international talent accelerator on June 1st in Tento. Promoted by Trento RISE, the Trentino hub of ICT innovation and partner of the EIT ICT Labs, TechPeaks will create more than 100 start-ups over the next four years in the ICT sector. 

Addressing 72 young talents in the program, Letta declared: “Again Trento is the capital of innovation in Italy. A program like TechPeaks is a great motivator as well for us in the government. We share the same enthusiasm and determination as start-uppers.”

The goal of TechPeaks is to attract the best and brightest in the ICT sector from all over the world to transform their talent into entrepreneurial competence thus creating start-ups that are competitive in the global market. The first group in the program includes 72 participants, who over a training period of six months will have the possibility of meeting mentors, managers and investor to help them crow and prepare themselves for the entrepreneurial challenges that await them.

During the TechPeak inauguration professor Fausto Giunchiglia, President of Trento RISE commented: “TechPeaks allows us to create new innovative businesses that will contribute to making society better for our children.”

Tehc Peaks is founded by Trento RISE, in collaboration with Autonomous Province of Trento and Trentino Sviluppo. The Talent Accelerator Programme reflects the EU and EIT ICT Labs’ priority: to give space to talent to generate innovation focusing on entrepreneurialism and excellence. 

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