Italian ICT teacher visit to Eindhoven CLC

Instituto Buonarroti from Trento visits Co-location Centre Eindhoven

On October 1st and 2nd a group of ten high school teachers from the Instituto Buonarroti from Trento visited the Netherlands, including a 2-day stay at Eindhoven. A site visit to the Co-location Centre Eindhoven was an inspiring part of their study visit and was initiated by the Co-location Centre Trento.

The goal of their study visit was to learn best practices from other educational institutions about bridging the gap between education and business, methods and programs to develop excellent student and furthermore to extend their international network for future cooperation.  Therefore visits were arranged by the CLC to a technical high school and a vocational school in the surroundings of Eindhoven.

The CLC Eindhoven presented a full program, consisting of presentations including the operationalisation of the knowledge triangle through the Master School. The setup of the projects during the Summer School last August,  in which students worked on live business cases was very revealing to them. Also a presentation was given by a representant of the ‘High Tech Room’,  a local initiative to scout and coach excellent high school students in developing entrepreneurial skills. The High Tech Room was really an eye opener of how to challenge talented students and to connect them at an early age with a business network. 
Next they had a small tour through Eindhoven to visit schools that deal with similar ambitions of combining theoretical education with hands on application to live business experience. The people from Instituto Buonarotti made meaningful connections with one of these schools and are making preliminary plans of working together in educational projects in the future. 

According to Erwin van Eijden, Co-location Centre Manager of Eindhoven: ‘The visit of the Italian colleagues gave some insight in the practice of educators of future entrepreneurial ICT top talents.  Especially the combination of education as part of the EIT ICT Labs ecosystem was very inspiring to the group. Hopefully we can report on a successful exchange and cross fertilisation of knowledge between the teachers and students from Trento and Eindhoven, next year.’

Contact: Erwin van Eijden

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