Innovative ideas at TEDxTrento

Brilliant minds, innovative projects, creative ideas and lots of passion came together to make the first edition of TEDxTrento unforgettable on November 23rd in Teatro Sociale. For EIT ICT Labs Italy, as a partner of the TedxTrento, it meant to take part in promoting ideas and positive experiences, share the advancement of research, incentivize new entrepreneurial solutions, and help bring people together from various backgrounds to develop new projects and create a community of innovators. The theme of this edition was "Quality of Life" that coincide with the mission of the EIT ICT Labs to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.

Cristina Molinatti and Massimo Zancanaro working on the EIT ICT Labs' Playful Learning activity presented some of the results of their activity in using technology for helping therapists and educators in supporting children suffering from Autistic Syndrome. The presentation was very well taken and showed how a research results can be steered through the marketplace through experimentation (clinical trial), refinement and creation of a business opportunity.

Roberto Saracco, Trento Node Director, gave a presentation on the future of networks, bringing to the audience information on the experiences being gained in some EIT ICT Labs activities, like Security and Privacy Location-based Services, Citizen Safety, Smart Cities and vehicular networks.


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