Innovations faster to market using the sprint model

Dr. Tua Huomo, Lead for Future Cloud activities at EIT ICT Labs, promotes agile and lean methods to quickly produce concrete intermediate results from collaborative projects. 

In this "sprint model" organisations define together long term vision and goal, but produce concrete results within a e.g. 3 months cycles. The goal is to get business impact from projects as soon as possible and also to evaluate and disseminate results regularly. The model is being used in the Finnish Need for Speed (N4S) programme, where Tua acts as the programme coordinator. 

"In the rapidly changing world, we should not prepare 4-year project plans with result lists. It would be better to focus on long-term vision and goals, and plan concrete action and results in the short term. For example, in large projects, presenting and critical evaluation of results every three months saves time and resources. The model fits EIT ICT Labs perfectly and could help us fulfil our mission to bring ICT innovations faster to the market." explains Tua. 

Read the complete article on the N4S website:

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