The Deutsche Telekom AG scouting network and the Innovation Radar team have been busy compiling, analysing, and producing its annual trend report. General trends have in the report been related to the innovation areas (Action Lines) of EIT ICT Labs.

Magnus Boman, senior expert researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) is the leader of the Innovation Radar activity since
2011 and since then the radar has evolved and the scope has been extended for every year. Last year's trend report was widely used in the planning and execution of networked foresight events, and it still gets downloaded every week.

The 2013 trend report has had a "grace period" within EIT ICT Labs and is now presented to the public in time for CeBIT.

"I am sure all professionals will find new results and products on these pages. The breadth of the scouting and the depth of the underlying analysis vouches for relevant and quality-assured material", says Magnus Boman.

Download or read the full report.

Here is a brief summary of the trends:

Enterprise Mobile Security Single unified computing devices for business and personal useare improving the mobile enterprise security space.

Optical Supercomputing Faster computers and networks use photonics to provide the opportunity to analyse complex data in less time.

Collaborative Consumption Technology takes sharing to a massive scale.

Virtual Currency Virtual crypto-currencies emerge, posing technical, regulatory, societal and economic challenges, especially for financial institutions and governments.

Context-based Interfaces, Ambient Computing Users will accomplish tasks that would normally require a multitude of different actions using interfaces based on contexts.

Deep Learning Technologies are enabling computers to serve many tasks that only humans are able to do today.

Wearable Tech Clothes and accessories become key parts of our connected life. Spaces are becoming sensitive and responsive to individuals.

Rural Connection Rural sectors are being modernised to become more competitive in the global economy.

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