Innovation Day 2018 in Paris

Innovation Day 2018 in Paris

Paris, Thursday 13 December 2018

The Rise of Digital Cities - A European Endeavour - Learnings from Helsinki to Paris

Join EIT Digital and prominent European speakers from industrial visionaries to public sector leaders and researchers:

  • Showcasing our latest Innovation and Entrepreneurship achievements in 2018 in France and across Europe.
  • Exploring the rise of Digital Cities & Smart Mobilities: how European coordinated teamwork will overcome the technological and business challenges.

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15:00 Registration & Coffee
16:00 Welcome and keynote by Guillaume Toublanc, Director France, EIT Digital:
Entrepreneurial Innovation in France & Europe
16:15 Keynote - Easy Mile, Pejvan Beigui, CTO
16:35 Panel - From Deep Tech to Market:
Rombit, Evert Bulcke, Chief Commercial Officer
Aster Capital, Jean-Marc Bailly, Managing Partner
Ericsson, Régis Hourdouillie, Head of IoT Partnerships Smart City & Government,
EIT Digital, Marko Turpeinen, Director Finland
17:05 Exhibitors Presentation, by Lidia Zerrouki CLC Manager Paris, EIT Digital
17:20 Break and exhibitors tour
18:10 Keynote - SAP, Nicolas Lan Hing Ting, Innovation & Value Advisor, Public Sector
18:30 Keynote - MAAS Global, Sampo Hietanen, CEO
18:50 Panel: How to speed up the new mobility solutions in the cities?, Marc Mengler, CEO
Engineering, Lanfranco Marasso Ph.D, Director of Smart Cities Program
Missions Publiques, Yves Mathieu, CEO
Forum Virium (Innovation Unit of Helsinki City Hall), Peka Koponen, Director Smart City member of Executive Group
City of Paris , Jean-Philippe Clément, Chief Data Officer
19:20 Networking Cocktail

Date and Time: 13 December 2018 from 4:00PM to 9:00PM
Address: Cloud Business Center, 10 Rue du 4 Septembre, 75002 Paris

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EasyBroadcast EasyBroadcast proposes a hybrid solution combining standard unicast delivery (CDN) model with Peer-to-Peer adaptive streaming mode.
Piwik PRO Piwik PRO is a GDPR compliant enterprise analytics and marketing platform that enables effective combination of behavioral and first party user data. It allows marketers, product managers and data analysts to understand customer behavior, improve user experience and conversion rates of digital products, and optimise online marketing activities.
SonoBeacon SonoBeacon’s technology reaches customers at the point of interest with pinpoint accuracy. By offering reliable localisation, information and interaction, their products make numerous applications possible. is an Italian company, focused on providing engineering solutions for companies and public entities for Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and digital transformation businesses. plans tomorrow’s smart services already today.
Indexima Located between data sources and analytic solutions (Tableau, Excel, SAP, BO, QLIK, etc.), Indexima allows users to drill the entire set of Big Data with instant dashboard display, searching tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.
Cleverciti With their sensor technology for smart on-street and open-air parking, Cleverciti aims to reduce search traffic and CO2 emissions to solve some of the most urgent challenges cities are facing today. provides high-quality training and validation data to enable mobility companies to develop with confidence computer vision and machine learning models that reliably safely power autonomous vehicles.
Bankable Bankable helps consumer banks continuously deliver the best mobile banking experience by identifying key customers’ needs and expectations. Based on privacy by design principle, the solution analyses behavioral data gathered from mobile, user context and interactions. Enriched by customer feedback, it provides deep insights to drive the right real-time actions.
CAB CAB is an advanced customer intelligence service for capturing & analysing both data from connected products “in use” and feedback and ideas from the brand’s consumer community. CAB gives brands unique insights on customers’ needs and experience journey to optimise the design and thus increase the success rate of new products and marketing strategies.
MyCarLot Park lots are scarce resources. MyCarLot enables park spaces government and better parking services leveraging upon connected sensors, cloud infrastructure and artificial predictive algorithms.
Easy2Go Easy2Go is a multimodal service through a pay-as-you-go solution. Press the check-in button, that’s it for your journey! Citizens can focus on their travel and get charged later at the best rate.
DriveTrust Early Bird - Digital Cities (2019)
BrightAgeing BrightAgeing is offering innovative solutions based on a connected lighting system in order to provide lighting conditions that match the specific needs of elderly people and enable them to live independently at home longer.
THE AUGMENTED WELDER THE AUGMENTED WELDER is an industrial training tool dedicated to
the welding companies or welding training centres. It combines virtual and augmented reality, advanced digital technologies with welding parameters acquisition and gesture capture. This is a powerful tool to speed up training and improve practice.
Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe connects corporations and investors with the right startups form the biggest innovation ecosystem in Finland - Espoo Innovation Garden - and Paris, France.


Cloud Business Center, 10 Rue du 4 Septembre, 75002 Paris

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