Industry matchmaking opens new doors for cyber security start-ups

For start-ups and SMEs the vast network of industry, research and education organizations from all over Europe is one of the most valued assets that the innovation network EIT Digital provides. Within this network the EIT Digital Business Communities are major vehicles to drive business, as they connect the carriers of innovation to any interested customers. Such ‘marketplaces’ aim at co-creating a win-win solution by gathering high-quality and targeted participants in a trusted setting with confirmed commercial interest and strong value proposition curated by EIT Digital.

On September 30th the Privacy, Security & Trust Business Community (PST BC) organized a special matchmaking event with core industrial partners of EIT Digital in Germany. Selected start-ups from the Business Community were invited to pitch in front of high-level representatives from those partners to showcase their innovations. 

The goal of the matchmaking event is to select start-ups from the PST BC portfolio that have the potential to step into direct collaboration with the large cooperates. Prior to the matchmaking event the activity leader of the Privacy, Security & Trust Business Community, Wolfgang Kniejski, introduced the EIT Digital start-up portfolio that was followed by a pre-selection of seven start-ups. These start-ups presented their technologies and the industry representatives selected companies for bilateral cooperation meetings. Both parties expect benefits and value added from these meetings. “On the one hand our start-ups have a unique opportunity to access relevant markets in co-operation with the big players, and on the other hand the cooperates see the benefit that collaboration with innovative and flexible SMEs opens new opportunities, for instance in terms of joint product development”, Wolfgang Kniejski stated.

The selected start-ups are:

  • Security Matters (The Netherlands) – An international company delivering cutting-edge industrial network monitoring, intelligence and protection technology.
  • Sentryo (France) – Sentryo is a purpose-built solution (hardware & software) designed to protect critical command and control networks.
  • Keit (Bulgaria) – KEIT is active in the area of security technologies against counterfeit.
  • SolidShield (France) – Solidshield offers disruptive technologies to protect a software against reverse engineering and modification.
  • GuardSquare (The Netherlands) – GuardSquare is a leading provider of optimization and protection software for Java and Android to protect apps against reverse engineering and malware.
  • Ethertrust (France) - markets software for secure elements and designs innovative solutions that strengthen the security of cloud applications. It is involved in electronic identity, payments and access control.
  • Bizinnov (France) – The Inter Meditation Secure System architecture of Bizinnov analyses typing rhythms of users and creates a behavioural biometric profile, allowing the user to access data through a remote secure gateway.


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