Industrial Doctorate meetups: from research to business

Industrial Doctorate meetups

Industrial Doctorate meetups

Industrial Doctorate meetups

Date: 20 June
Location: Paris, CLC EIT Digital
Time: 14.00 pm
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How to make business from research?

Competing in a digital economy is tough. Technology is crucial for the future of business. Hence, business need to rely on research to find their competing edge. But how to transform research into business? This question is key in the industrial meetup the EIT Digital Doctoral School is hosting in Paris on 20 June.

The meetup will bring together doctoral students, industry professionals and academics to discuss the way research can be turned into business in a panel. Three doctoral students of the EIT Digital Doctoral School will show how their research on deep tech technology has resulted in new business that stimulates the digital transformation for a strong Digital Europe. In the keynote of the director of external affairs of Nokia, Olivier Audouin will share his thoughts on the trends in Telecom and how crucial the element of research is in his view.

Programme (subject to change)

14.00Welcome Guillaume Toublanc, node-director France EIT Digital
14.05Industry and doctorates in a digital worldDavid Uribe Oliva, head EIT Digital Doctoral School
14.20Technology trends in the Telecom industry and how to address theseOlivier Audouin, director of external affairs at Nokia - Bell Labs France
14.35How research impacts Wipsea company? Gwenael Duclos from Wipsea
14.50 Smart And Secure Network Softwarization. That is the title of the thesis Abdel had been working on. He used machine learning and AI techniques to build a congnitive traffic engineering engine for Software Defined Networks. Abdel now is building a startup that uses his research. “We beleive IT operations is going to be an AI first driven market . We are participating in this transformation.” Abdel Hadi Azouni , PhD student EIT Digital Doctoral School and founder of PacketAI @hadiazouni
15.05 Round table discussion: How to make business from reaserch?
- place of research in companies
- talent management
- digital transformation and research
Olivier Audouin, Gwenael Duclos from Wipsea, Abdel Hadi Azouni, Moderated by David Uribe Oliva
15.45Coffee break 
16.00 HardBlare : A hardware extension for Dynamic Information Flow Tracking on ARM-based System on Chip

Security in embedded systems is a major concern for several years. Untrustworthy authorities use a wide range of both hardware and software attacks in order to retrieve critical information or to hijack the user application toward a malicious behaviour.

HardBlare allows to detect the exploitation of vulnerabilities at runtime with a minimum overhead. HardBlare is a practical solution targeting Dynamic Information Flow Tracking (DIFT) implementations on ARM-based System on Chip (SoCs). DIFT is a solution that consists in tracking the dissemination of data inside the system and permit to ensure some security properties at runtime.
Mounir Nasr Allah, PhD student EIT Digital Doctoral School
16.15 From research to European company on battery lifetime improvement. Wilfried built a simulation platform for electronic engineers developing IoT devices.Wilfried Dron, PhD EIT Digital Doctoral School, Founder and CEO of Wisebatt @w_dron
16.30 Network drinks 

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More Meetups

The Budapest meetup is the second in a series industrial doctorate meetups the EIT Digital Docotral School is hosting in 2019. The other upcomiong meetups are planned at:

  • 15 October in Rennes  (France)
  • 21 November in Madrid (Spain)
  • 4 December in Milan (Italy)

EIT Digital Industrial Doctorates

Since 2016, the PhD programmes of the EIT Digital Doctoral School have primarily focused on Industrial Doctorates. Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work on research assignments from industry. They benefit from continuous tutoring from this industry as well as academic supervision. 

The EIT Digital Doctoral School provides its programmes in collaboration with partner universities. In addition to academic research, EIT Digital Doctoral School students distinguish themselves from other PhD students by developing strong skills and competences in innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation leadership. This part of the programme is delivered by the EIT Digital Academy, in partnership with European Universities. By learning how to apply technology and research in a business context, the PhD’s can really contribute to tackling economic and societal challenges and help companies with their digital transformation.

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