Industrial Doctorate meetup: What is going on with cybersecurity?

Industrial Doctorate meetup: What is going on with cybersecurity?

On 28 February, EIT Digital Doctoral School industrial doctorate students and the industry interact with each other about the content of their research on cybersecurity. The meetup will be held in Rennes in France. The students explain where their study is about and the other students and the concerned industry get to ask questions.

The entire meetup can be watched from anyplace in the world. There will be a live connection for those who are either invited are have requested acces. Also, each presentation will be live broadcasted on the EIT Digital Academy Facebook page.

The meetup will be inspiring, educational and above all interesting. In slots of 30 packed minutes, three PhD students in the field of Digital Infrastructure will present their research and answer questions from the audience. The other part of the meetup is reserved for visions on cybersecurity and market trends form speakers from the industry and academic world.

The meetups are meant for all PhD students in the EIT Digital Doctoral School, industry and partners of EIT Digital. The meetups are open to external participants as well. If you are interested to join the meetup in Rennes and learn about what is going on in Digital Infrastructure with the focus on security, please send an email to

Save the dates

The Rennes meetup is the second in a series of industrial doctorates meetups in Europe. Earlier this month, a meetup on Digital Cities was held in Trento. The videos of this meeting are to be seen at Facebook.

The next meetings will be in on 29 March in Budapest. This will also be one on Digital infrastructure, but then focused on networks.

  • 29 March - Digital Infrastructures focus on network - Budapest
  • 26 April - Digital Industry - Helsinki
  • 29 May Digital Infrastructures focus on data layer - Madrid
  • 13 June: Digital Industry - Milan

The PhD programmes of the EIT Digital Doctoral School focus since 2016 primarily on industrial doctorates. Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work under academic supervision on research assignments from industry and benefit from continuous tutoring from this industry.


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Author - Karin Oost

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