How technology enhances moments of happiness: Discover Active Cues’ touching healthcare campaign

Active Cues

End of 2018, Active Cues was awarded in the EIT Digital Challenge for Tovertafel, an innovative solution that stimulates physical and mental activity for people with cognitive challenges. Now, the Dutch scaleup has launched a campaign that addresses the role of new technologies in healthcare.

Active Cues initiated the ‘power of innovation’ campaign to pursue their mission to create millions of happy moments in care worldwide with the help of technology. Core of the campaign is a photo exhibition showcasing how technology creates moments of happiness between care-giver and client. During the opening manifestation of the national e-health week, Erik Gerritsen, Secretary General at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of Netherlands, opened the exhibition and kicked off the campaign.

Mathijs Konings, CTO of Active Cues, explains: "There is now a lot of negative attention towards healthcare: it is about risks, costs, work pressure and staff turnover. Our mission for 2019 is to redirect this attention to the role of innovation in these themes. New techniques and ideas provide more job satisfaction and connection, attracting more and other groups to the sector. We emphasize the beautiful moments in healthcare and the role technology plays in it”.

To support the initiative, the scaleup established a community of technology companies, healthcare institutions, education and everyone who recognizes the importance of technology in healthcare. Together they are committed to making care even better, more beautiful and more fun.

Active Cues aims to create 10 million happy moments in healthcare by 2025. With its care innovation Tovertafel, the company is already creating many happy moments all over Europe. Tovertafel is a table that enables people with a cognitive challenge to enjoy social interaction and physical movements using interactive light projections. The technology also impressed the international experts at the EIT Digital Challenge 2018. As a result, the Dutch company won the first prize in the Digital Wellbeing category - a full year of growth support by the EIT Digital Accelerator - which helps them enter new international markets and spread even more blissful moments all across Europe.

You can find more information about ‘Power of Innovation’ by Active Cues on the campaign website (in Dutch).

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