HockeyTech's groundbreaking analytics system uses Quuppa's technology

HockeyTech, the worldwide leader in hockey-related technologies, analytics and information services, launched HockeyTech Analytics, a revolutionary technology that introduces advanced analytics to the game of hockey like never before. The groundbreaking system uses Quuppa technology for tracking all players, on-ice officials, and the puck in real time.

Quuppa is a Finnish company that gets business development and internationalization support from EIT ICT Labs. Quuppa provides real-time sub-meter positioning for location-based solutions and services.

"As a serial technology entrepreneur, I was amazed when I became CEO of the Florida Panthers in 2009 that we were making multi-million dollar hockey operations decisions almost exclusively with subjective information from our scouts and video coaches", said HockeyTech CEO Stu Siegel. "When I sold my interest in the team, I decided to focus finding ways to help arm teams with more objective data and tools to take analytics to a new level."

"My dream was to be able to track every event that takes place on the ice and convert that to digitized actionable data”, adds Siegel. “I discovered a small company in Finland that had developed incredible technology that would enable us to create a system that was accurate and fast enough to keep up with hockey players and pucks."

"We are on a verge of a new era in sports: having access to real-time, accurate, reliable, and automatically digitized data has the potential to significantly enrich the way today's sports are either enjoyed by fans or understood by professionals", says Kimmo Kalliola, CEO of Quuppa. "With this respect, Quuppa is the cutting edge technology provider of what is also known as the Internet of Sports. HockeyTech's mission in hockey is a natural complement to Quuppa's vision, and we feel thrilled and privileged to be partnering with such forward-looking company. Working together with HockeyTech is perfectly in line with our motto 'Do More With Location' – or in this case: 'Do More With Hockey'."

Quuppa listed on Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Mobile and Wireless 2015"

Quuppa has been named a "Cool Vendor" on April 10, 2015 by the leading ICT analyst company Gartner Inc. The research by Gartner introduces four cutting-edge companies that mobile leaders should consider in the context of a digital strategy. A key finding from the Gartner report point out that "tracking objects and people in real time is a key element of a digital business strategy".

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