Helsinki CLC proud to host the very first United Nations World Challenge


Teams and coaches of the first United Nations World Challenge are convening in the Helsinki Co-Location Centre to work on their solution for using Satellite Data for World Peace, Health, Education and a Sustainable Earth. #UNWorldChallenge


The United Nations World Challenge taking place August 28-30 in Espoo, Finland is an opportunity for students, academia and industry to deliver brilliant innovative solutions that support the mission of the United Nations – especially in the areas of world peace, health, ecology, education and sustainability. The main prize includes a slot for experimental technology on board the International Space Station.

"World Challenge teams and coaches will convene in the EIT Digital Helsinki Co-Location Centre for two days to work on their solutions. Supporting this high profile event is an excellent opportunity for EIT Digital to connect with innovators and other large organisations behind the event, all interested in solving major global challenges,” says Marko Turpeinen, EIT Digital Finland Node Director.

The very first United Nations Technology Innovation Lab in the World will be opened in the same campus area as the EIT Digital Helsinki Co-location centre is operating.

Utilise Satellite Data for World Peace, Health, Education and a Sustainable Earth!

The challenge to teams is to build a web app that will improve life on earth. To do this, they can incorporate satellite data or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) data to map buildings, terrain, vegetation analyses (i.e. NDVI), road status, optimum transportation and more.

NASA and ESA provide the World Challenge teams with a world-class open source virtual globe platform, WorldWind. Never before has there been such abundance of and access to satellite data as we have today.

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