Health for all: understanding the ageing process

Jean Gelissen, EIT ICT Labs' Action Line Leader Health and Wellbeing, will be one of the speakers at the international workshop 'Health for all: understanding the ageing process'

The event takes place in Bologna, Italy on 1-3 October 2014. Participation is on invitation only. The organiser is the International Bio- Based Economy Forum, a collaborative initiative between the EC, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The aim of the collaboration is to collectively address the global challenges that affect the Bio-economy such as guaranteeing food security while adapting to a changing climate, reducing the environmental impact of agriculture and industry, and maintaining an affordable, safe, healthy and nutritious food supply. 

The purpose of the workshop 'Health for all: understanding the ageing process', is to highlight the state of the science and identify innovative key research opportunities relevant to the process of ageing and the prolongation of an active, healthy and independent living of the elderly. The emphasis will be on areas that could significantly benefit from partnership between academia, government and industry located in the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

More information on the Bologna Agenda for 1-3 October.

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