Head of Google Research, Corinna Cortes, met with students, researchers and entrepreneurs

Corinna Cortes, Head of Google Research NY, visited Helsinki Co-Location Centre on Tuesday January 14th, 2014 to talk about Google’s approach to research and to meet with EIT ICT Labs student, researchers, startups and EIT ICT Labs personnel.
Ms. Cortes gave a lecture titled “Searching for Similar Items in Diverse Universes” as a part of Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series on Future Information Technology on Monday, January 13th. The next day she met with EIT ICT Labs' master and doctoral students, with researchers and entrepreneurs from the EIT ICT Labs Helsinki community over a brown bag lunch and Q&A session. Ms. Cortes talked about her own work on theoretical and applied large-scale machine learning problems. She also explained how researchers inside Google participate in the work of Google’s product teams. Ms. Cortes explained that researchers are invited to resolve a particular problem in the product teams after which they return to Google Research to write down their learning in the form of a scientific article. Ms. Cortes’s unit is located in New York but the so-called “moonshot projects” like the self-driving car are done in Mountain View, California. 
Ms. Cortes encouraged the students to apply for 3-month-long internships at Google. Ms. Cortes toured also the startups located at the CLC and was impressed by the prototypes she saw. 

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