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Since February EIT ICT Labs has launched a blog to share with our community new ideas, inventions and innovations. The posts are done by our community members. 

Roberto Saracco, EIT ICT Labs Italy Node Director, has been writing posts on the evolution of technology and its implication on economy and our life since 2008 using the Future Centre blog. Now he continues to ponder on the interplay of technology evolution and economics, social life and most important ourselves on the blog space of the EIT ICT Labs. The goal of his posts is to stimulate a global, but personal, thinking on the impact of technology evolution. 

You can get the five free eBooks presenting the posts published by Roberto since 2009 with hindsight comments on what pan out as innovation and what remained a research result by going on the Apple Store iBooks and searching for: Looking into the Future, one day at a time (or searching for Roberto Saracco in the author field).

The posts of Allain le Loux, Business Developer based in Eindhoven, are about all kinds of matters that are important when starting your own business.

Enjoy reading! 

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