Harvest for Value: EIT Digital releases Annual Report 2018

EIT Digital Annual Report 2018

EIT Digital Annual Report 2018

EIT Digital released its 2018 Annual Report. Titled "Harvest for Value", the report sets out EIT Digital's achievements across its pan-European ecosystem in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurial education.

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Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital"Harvest for Value - that is certainly what we have been doing in 2018. In all our key domains, ecosystem, innovation and entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial education, we have seen growth, thus expanding the reach and impact of EIT Digital. Our activities do not only demonstrate the richness of our further growing EIT Digital ecosystem, they also prove our ability as a community to harvest this richness and deliver important value to Europe through our digital innovations and entrepreneurial talents,” explains Prof Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital.

Key 2018 highlights

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • 10 new companies created as result of innovation activities
  • More than 80 products and services commercially launched
  • 61 scaleups supported by the EIT Digital Accelerator
  • More than €100 million in total capital raised for scaleups since the launch of the Accelerator

Entrepreneurial Education

  • More than 1,900 students have been enrolled in one of the EIT Digital Master programmes (including 390 newly enrolled students)
  • EIT Digital held 10 summer schools with a total of 371 participants
  • Over 100,000 learners have taken EIT Digital's Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Pan-European Ecosystem

  • 70 new partners added, of which 53 were industrial partners
  • A total of 215 partners, including educational and industrial organisations
  • Decision to launch Satellites in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Braga, Portugal, in 2019


While releasing this annual report, we already execute Business Plan 2019 “Deepen and Scale” at full speed, with a total investment of over €100 million in digital innovations and entrepreneurial education programs. Our partnership will see further growth with the opening of new locations, and we will operate for the first time a public call. Our innovation activities will increase focus on deep tech, business creation, and return on investment. Our schools are set to increase student intake and delivery as well as increase their financial sustainability. So, in many aspects we deepen and scale our operations.

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