Growth & Harvest module for EIT Digital Doctoral School students in Trento, Italy

Growth & Harvest module for EIT Digital Doctoral School students in Trento, Italy

When: December 5 - December 16, 2016.

Place: EIT Digital - DTC room, c/o Northern Building, 1st floor FBK, via Sommarive 18 Trento. Click here for the map.

The Trento Doctoral Training Centre of EIT Digital is proud to organise Growth & Harvest (GH) module for the doctoral students enrolled to the Doctoral School of EIT Digital and the Trento ICT Doctoral School. The Growth & Harvest module is part of the EIT Digital Doctoral School Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education training programme. After completing the GH module, the participant has an understanding of the business, management as well as financial issues of growing a business within companies and organisations of all sizes.

Course key issues at growth stage of the business development:

  • Key strategies for growth
  • Going global (environment)
  • Management, organisation and leadership
  • Financing growth
  • Some specificities of scale-ups
  • Some specificities of large companies

The teaching method is active and case-based (based on real company cases), articulated around group or individual assignments complemented with applied lectures and testimonials.

The seminar will include one main group assignment, based on a real company case with the objective to design an international/global growth strategy, concluded by a pitch and a written report.

Please visit this page for more information about the module including materials, students assignment, schedule and blog posts.

EIT Digital Doctoral School

The EIT Digital Doctoral School offers an ICT Innovation programme where doctoral candidates acquire a mindset for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E).

After graduation, these doctors will be commercially aware ICT leaders who understand current and future challenges, as well as the opportunities that these present to industry. To achieve this goal, the Doctoral School organises a standardized I&E education that complements and enriches the doctoral studies of each candidate.


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The deadline for registration is November 30, 2016.

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