Green Communications now hosted by EIT ICT Labs Paris

EIT ICT Labs is pleased to announce the installation of the start-up Green Communications in the Paris co-location centre.

Since 2010, Green Communications offers a brand new technology for access networks to permit connections with quality of service guarantees while saving energy. Green Communications provides network equipment containing virtual resources capable in both wired and wireless infrastructure to set up efficient networks, with the lowest consumption of energy and resources. Networks can be either mesh, ad hoc or wired, and use the Start & Stop Green Communications technology. 

Green Wireless offers the possibility to create a mesh or ad hoc connection to a client wishing to join the Internet, a social network or a network game. The wireless mesh networks are presented today as the "low cost" alternative for 3G/4G networks. They enable wireless connectivity in open, public or private spaces, and reduce the cost of coverage by a factor of 100 by antenna.

Green Wireless also offers the capability of shutting down non-operational machines without disrupting the network connectivity. The product contains: a software for connecting ad hoc or mesh, an application API, a graphical display of toplogy with user profiles, a simulator for debugging an application development and for dimensioning the network. 

Customers benefit from a network topology allowing them to reach their destination with the highest quality of service while consuming the minimum of energy. 

Main customers: Cassidian  EDF  Postech

More about Green Communications


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