Green Communications achieves video-conferencing over 10 Wi-Fi hops

EIT ICT labs is proud to announce that its coached start-up Green Communications demonstrates the quality of its Green PI (Green Participatory Internet) technology and Qolyester routing algorithm by achieving a video-conference over 10 network Wi-Fi hops.

By partnering with the leading energy player EDF in France, Green Communications was able to test the rapid deployment of an instant communication network. 10 GreenBox (access points) were deployed and connected instantaneously using advanced Device-to-Device technology, creating a Wi-Fi network without the need of either a preliminary audit or previous infrastructure. 

Within minutes, 2 EDF officers located at both ends of the network were able to exchange calls and video-conference over the 10 Wi-Fi hops. The Qolyester’s Handoff functionality allowed them to move along the network without interruption.

It is the first time a real time video is operated over such a high number of Wi-Fi hops validating Green Communications routing algorithm for large-scale deployment and for mobility purpose.

About Green Communications

Green Communications, a telecommunication company specialised in Quality of Services over Wireless Mesh Networks, created the Green Participatory Internet (Green PI) to answer connectivity challenges of network densification, mobility and sustainability. Its wearable and autonomous wireless network uses advanced Device-to-Device and embedded technologies to make wireless networks easy to deploy, affordable and autonomous. Green Communications is an innovative start-up coached by EIT ICT Labs in its Smart Energy Systems Action Line. 

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