GraviTalent hosted at the Trento Co-Location Centre

Marco Senigalliesi, BDA Node Correspondent in Italy, welcomed David Szilagyi, CEO & Co-founder of GraviTalent

As part of the Soft landing programme, Trento CLC hosts startup GraviTalent that have been incubated by People Accelerator TechPeaks and received support from the EIT ICT Labs Outreach Programme. 

GraviTalent, based in Hungary, revolutionizes the way companies can recruit, retain and develop talents. 

GraviTalent has developed engaging & effective games that function as a tool to evaluate existing employees, build high performing teams, or find the right talent by measuring key behavioral skills.

The multidisciplinary team of GraviTalent comprises of individuals from different backgrounds, including network and behavior science specialists, business intelligence professional, psychologists, sociologists, web and game development, business development, gamification and intellectual property professionals. This well-rounded team allows GraviTalent to address questions from different perspectives and to realize innovation strategy in the fields of serious gaming and human resources.

Marco Senigalliesi, BDA Node Correspondant in Italy, welcomend David Szilagyi, CEO & Co-founder of GraviTalent, at the Trento CLC and presented opportunities that EIT ICT Labs European entrepreneurial ecosystem offers to ICT based startups with international growth potential.

Click here to learn more about GraviTalent.

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