Gilles Betis: Building Smarter Cities

Gilles Betis

At the forefront of the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative, which seeks to apply technology to improve cities and the quality of life for their residents, is IEEE Member Gilles Betis. He and his steering committee are in the process of selecting 10 cities around the world for "smartification."

That term refers to the process of improving urban living by implementing technologies throughout a city’s infrastructure. It can include automating payments for services such as public transportation, providing more efficient ways to dispose of waste, or alerting first responders in case of an emergency.

"Developing a smart city is not just a matter of following a recipe,” Betis says. “It’s a never-ending process. But once the elements are in place, there’s no good reason not to start."

The effort requires cooperation among the city’s government and its universities and businesses, as well as guidance from the local IEEE chapters involved in the IEEE effort. Read more

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