German T-Labs celebrate ten year anniversary

Heinrich Arnold (Head of T-Labs), Thomas Kiessling (CTO of Deutsche Telekom), Timotheus Höttges (CEO of Deutschen Telekom), Klaus Wowereit (Mayor of Berlin), Johanna Wanka (Minister of Education), Christian Thomsen (President of TU Berlin), from left to right. (Image: heise online/Detlef Borchers)

This month, our German Core Partner T-Labs (short for Telekom Innovation Laboratories) celebrated its 10th anniversary. The research and development institute of Deutsche Telekom AG took the chance to celebrate this milestone with external guests and employees alike. 

Magenta carpet

The 10-year celebrations included a formal reception and a party: on their way from the magenta carpet to the ballrooms, the 650 guests at the birthday party first passed through a time tunnel where virtual images highlighted ten years of creative work of T-Labs. Before, employees, Deutsche Telekom board members, politicians, company representatives, scientists and journalists had the opportunity to view an exhibition and find out about a number of current projects at T-Labs through live demonstrations. 

Prominent Felicitations

Prof. Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister for Education and Research, praised the contribution that T-Labs has made toward strengthening European sovereignty in the digital domain. Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin, emphasized the importance of T-Labs for Berlin as a business and scientific center. Prof. Christian Thomsen, President of TU Berlin, dedicated his speech to the one-of-a-kind collaboration between his university and T-Labs, which has involved more than a hundred students to date. 

Aside from its Berlin headquarters, Telekom Laboratories also operate facilities in Darmstadt (Germany), Beer Sheva (Israel) and Los Altos (United States).

EIT ICT Labs congratulates T-Labs heartily and wishes a bright future! 

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