Future!City!Now! Innovative ways of getting to know a city

Under the big umbrella of EIT ICT Labs, the digital exhibition Future!City!Now! took place at TIM4EXPO at Triennale di Milano on December 5th and 6th.

It presented innovative ways of getting to know a city, going beyond traditional uses of interactive maps, with three initiatives focusing on Expo 2015 and oriented towards Milan as a Smart City of the Future. The exhibition was inaugurated with a keynote talk focused on smart cities and urban mobility challenges given by Roberto Saracco, Trento Node Director.

By trying out the 3cixty showcase app ExplorMI 360, visitors to the exhibition could see how 3cixty, a data and software platform, facilitates the development of mobile and web-based applications for those who visit or live in a city like Milan. They could see also the impressive City Data Fusion for Event Management tool that displays the dynamic pulse of the city during major events using social data streams (Twitter and Instagram) and call data records. Another striking demo was StreetSmart, which supports customized interactive applications for large screens that integrate interaction at a distance, based on gestures and movements, with interaction via personal mobile devices. Strategies and concrete possibilities for commercialization were discussed with visitors from the world of business.

The innovations for smart cities are being developed within the EIT ICT Labs pan-European network by representatives from Italy, France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain: Cefriel, DFKI, Eurecom, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Inria, Politecnico di Milano, Telecom Italia, Thales, TUDelft, UCL, Ambientic, Innovalor, LocaliData, and Mobidot.

The Digital Exhibition was hosted by Tim4Expo and supported by Assintel (the Italian ICT Companies Association).

Future! Citiy! Now! was part of the EIT ICT Labs initiative Waiting for EXPO.

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