Founders' Pit Stop Recap: Road to Successful Crowdfunding

At the second Founders’ Pit Stop following our first event in July, over 20 Berliner techies were keen to find out how to build a kick ass crowdfunding campaign. And who could answer this question better than Björn Bollensdorff from Panono - a startup that raised over 1 million USD with crowdfunding. But also Konrad Lauten, expert from one of the world’s biggest crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo could not be missing on our mission to identify the success factors of crowdfunding. 

A Compilation of the best Quotes

“There are no rules for Campaigns. You have to be authentic and realistic about your goal. Your Campaign should transmit honesty and transparency. The biggest challenge is packing all of that in a three minutes pitch video.”  

“Create a campaign that is possible. Pre-launch you’re campaign about two months before take-off and within that period build- up a database with your targeted audience.” 

“Communication never ends. Open communication with your audience is vital, regardless of any situation. With that being said, a lot of hard work and sleepless nights have to be invested. The importance of social media, reaching out to as much media as possible can be exhausting, so you need a competent team.” 

“You need a lot of patience and positive energy because it can get very draining.”

“It’s a full time job”

6 Inevitable Factors of Successful Crowdfunding 

  1. A really good idea 
  2. High time investment
  3. Basic knowledge of project management and Marketing & Communications
  4. An authentic presentation which captivates your targeted audience 
  5. A fan base
  6. Ability to think outside the box

Next Founders’ Pit Stop 

We are planning our next two Founders' Pit Stops on the topics design and pitching. So stay tuned and join the Founders' Pit Stop Meetup group. More information will follow soon. 

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