Founders‘ Pit Stop Recap: How to hire digital talents successfully

(f.l.t.r.) Dominik Krabbe (Head of the EIT Digital Idea Challenge), Anna Ott (HR Expert hub:raum), Bianca Walterspiel (Senior HR Manager - Engineering at Rocket Internet)

How to find and recruit the best people for their startup remains one of the most important issues for founders. In order to address this issue EIT Digital invited two experts to the EIT Digital Berlin meetup session Founders’ Pit Stop on February 17 to reveal their secrets and unlock the mysteries of successful recruiting: Anna Ott, HR Expert at hub:raum, and Bianca Walterspiel, Senior HR Manager - Engineering at Rocket Internet. Both are not only very experienced in how to detect and convince the right candidates, but also very familiar with the startup scene.

Around 65 founders, founders-to-be and startup professionals joined the Founders’ Pit Stop to find out the essential Dos and Don’ts. And at least after five minutes everyone who thought that some job ads could be enough was taught better as Anna and Bianca came along with a long list of what to prepare and consider when to find the right talents.

Nine things to prepare to start a successful recruiting process:

  1. Increase your visibility
  2. Define your perfect match
  3. Find the right sources for your candidates
  4. Develop a tactic and proposal to engage with them
  5. Use tools that make your process efficient
  6. Memorize your pitch and write unique postings
  7. Conduct a process that is candidate-centred
  8. Calculate and benchmark your (salary) package
  9. Know about conversion rates & KPIs in recruiting

Many insights, lots of practical tips and some unexpected recommendations followed, such as orientating the recruiting process on dating tactics: not to reveal everything at once and on the first “date”. After an extensive Q&A, the evening continued with lively conversations with pizza, beer and soft drinks. The next Founders’ Pit Stop in Berlin is planned for 6 April – join the Meetup Group to receive updates.


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