Five EIT Digital entrepreneurs represented in 2017 Forbes' 30 under 30 list

Forbes 30 under 30

The Forbes 30 under 30 list includes 10 categories by industry. Five innovators and entrepreneurs from EIT Digital are now present in three of these: Industry, Social Entrepreneurs and Retail and E-commerce

Take a look at the list of EIT Digital innovators and entrepreneurs featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2017:

Category - Industry

German start-up Konux offer smart sensor solutions to companies for the monitoring of industrial equipment. What sets them apart from other competitors is their provision of predictive maintenance solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients. Users of Konux systems benefit from up to a 70% decrease in machine breakdowns and a 30% reduction of maintenance costs. Konux became part of the EIT Community in 2014 after winning the EIT Digital Idea challenge competition. In the spring of 2016, EIT Digital assisted Konux with a successful roadshow in Silicon Valley that brought in substantial investment. Their client portfolio now includes major business names such as Deutsche Bahn.

Unu Motors
The co-founders of Unu Motors have designed an innovative electric scooter that can be charged virtually anywhere, even out of a standard wall socket. Additionally, the scooters contain a lightweight portable battery that has a range of up to 100km and a top speed of 45km/h. Unu Motors was displayed at an EIT Digital tech innovation event in 2015.

Category - Social Enterpreneur

Saverio Murgia & Luca Nardelli (Eyra)
Eyra have developed an innovative, wearable device to assist blind and visually impaired people during the entire day. The device analyses its surroundings, obtains useful information through text reading, objects and people recognition, road signs, and zebra crossing detection; and audibly communicates them to the users.. Eyra entered the EIT Community in 2014 after winning 3rd prize in the EIT Digital Challenge competition.

Category - Retail and E-commerce

Freddy Macnamara (Cuvva)
Freddy is the founder of EIT Digital supported Cuvva, who offer a new type of car insurance. People who borrow a car from friends or family can use their app to buy short term car insurance. This provides users with a number of benefits such as the ability to car share in order to reduce your carbon footprint or even to stamp out drink driving. Their system also offers a vast reduction of costs for users due to its adaptability. Cuvva were awarded 3rd prize in the EIT Digital Challenge for Digital finance in 2016.

Martin Mcgloin & Sabine Pole (Sorry as a Service)
Martin & Sabine are the co-founders of 'Sorry as a Service', a customer retention platform from Estonia. Sorry as a Service strive to make our ‘digital and impersonalised’ world friendlier by helping companies make their customers feel special. Their customer support agents can dispatch physical apologies, such as a freshly baked cake from a local baker or a personalised gift set. Sorry as a Service entered the EIT Community in 2015 after winning 2nd prize in the EIT Digital idea challenge for smart spaces in 2015.

All in all 16 innovators and entrepreneurs from the EIT Community are now present in this year’s ranking. The other 11 come from: EIT Climate-KIC, EIT InnoEnergy and EIT Raw Materials. For more information, see here.

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