First Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award 2013 won by M.W. Rousstia

EIT ICT Labs focuses on splendid idea competitions addressing the brightest and most creative people from all over the world. ICT.OPEN 2013 that was held on 27 & 28 November is considered as one of these idea competitions. This event is the principal ICT research event in the Netherlands. The state of art in ICT research is presented and discussed here. It features a conference as well as poster presentations by PHd’s. ICT.OPEN is the place where Dutch ICT Talent showcase innovative ICT research proposals, network and exchange knowledge. EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven considers ICT.Open as an effective platform to stimulate an entrepreneurial mindset by young ICT top talent. Therefore an Innovation & Entrepreneurshio award was launched for the ICT proposal with the best market potential and business impact. The validation has been done by the business developers of EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven. They were also the jury.

To find the winner, the business developers of EIT ICT labs Eindhoven (TU/e) evaluated 170 abstracts of research projects as submitted for the ICT.Open 2013 poster sessions on market potential and business impact. Out of the 170 abstracts a selection of 11 nominated research projects as been made. The 11 nominees were visited by the EIT ICT labs' business developers during the poster exhibition at ICT.Open 2013.

And the winner of the first Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award by EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven is: Mohadig Widha Rousstia of the Electromagnetics Group of the Eindhoven University of Technology on the proposal: Dual-Circulary-Polarized Dielectric Rod Antenna for Applications in V-Band Frequencies. 

In his work, the design of a high performance antenna system is described and validated through measurements. A new wideband stacked patch antenna and a new wideband hybrid coupler with defected ground plane are incorporated in the antenna system for improving the previous narrowband design. The patch antenna is used for effectively coupling the electromagnetic wave to/from the dielectric rod. It will be shown that wideband passive components, i.e. the antenna, coupler, and also balun, are required for achieving high port-to-port isolation. 

This project has been evaluated by the business developers as an example of collaboration in the knowledge triangle of Education, Business and Research. Also the technology was validated as disruptive. And last but not least there is a decisive and clear distinction of technology transfer into market. As a reaction on the award Mohadig stated that he was overwhelmed that his project won because the nominated projects were strong competitors.

Patrick Strating, the Director of the Eindhoven node EIT ICT Labs, had the honour to hand over the award and a voucher for business coaching and entrance to the EIT ICT Labs Business Accelerator tools.


Contact: Koen Vriesacker


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