First iHub Working Group Meeting in Málaga

The first I3H (iHub) working group sessions took place the 20th and 21st of April in Málaga, hosted by one of our members Bolt Accelerator at its Málaga headquarters.

The goal for this physical meeting was to bring together all the iHubs members of this European Network and work to establish the foundational pillars for the project as well as the strategy, and the value that the iHub network will provide to the digital economy in Europe by fostering innovation and internet start-ups and SMEs business through our grid of accelerators all around Europe.

Furthermore, the iHub community was the special guest of several events and conferences about innovation, business and development organized by the technological hub Mallaga Valley, and the Council of Málaga, which aimed to bring together local public authorities, corporations and entrepreneurs in an attempt to boost the future of the innovation as a driving force to the economy of the present and future.

The I3H (future iHub) project is a MoU with the EIT ICT Labs and the FI-PPP. The core team counts with representatives from the EIT ICT Labs nodes in Paris, Madrid, Trento, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Budapest.

We are working on our website, in the meantime visit for more information of the I3H (iHub).

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