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First Graduation Ceremony EIT ICT Labs Master School

In September-October 2012, EIT ICT Labs admitted the first cohort of students to the international Master School. This autumn they have finalised their studies and acquired their degrees. 

Last Friday 28 November the Graduation Ceremony for the First Cohort of the EIT ICT Labs Master School took place in Paris. The ceremony was hosted by Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and the EIT ICT Labs Paris Node. The venue for the event was the Amphitheatre DURAND-ESCLANGON and the Zamansky tower of UPMC at 4 Place Jussieu. All students who finalised their studies were invited to this Graduation Ceremony to receive their EIT Label Certificate as the proof of having completed an EIT Labelled Masters Programme.

EIT ICT Labs is proud to congratulate the first EIT ICT Labs Master School students with the EIT labelled certificate. EIT ICT Labs is your 'Life Long Compagnon'. Stay tuned through the EIT ICT Labs Alumni foundation and all the best! 

Congratulations to:

Maya Llaghi Hosseini, Peter Buchler, Ramkumar Rajagopalan, Niklas Semmler, Christos Christodoulos Tsakiroglou, Suvir Bhargav, Antoine Plat, David Pribil, Andor Szamos, Haoyan Zhan, Carla Griggio, German Leiva, Zhenyu Lin, Manfred Micaux, Mikhail Morozow, Hanna Schneider, Nicholas Tenhue, Victor Valle Juarranz, Fakri Afiff, Frederick Ayala Gomez, Felix Halcartegaray, Jie Liu, Dorotya Maksay, Giuseppe Scozzaro, Peter Somogyi, Steven Tait, Berkay Taskin, Vlad Tufis, Görkem Algan, Ashish Bhatnagar, Sorin Cracana, Shayan Haider, Xueming Lin, Govind Narayan, PrithviRaj Narendra, Andreas Papageorgio, Arjun Sathyanarayana Prasad, Ashutosh Soman, Sivakumar Thangamuthu, Nabila Amrin, Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos, Ricardo Bortolameotti, Brinda Badarinath Hampiholi, Mate Horvath, Tim Hummel, Agnes Kiss, Lazslo Paksi, Balazs Pejo, Christian-Alexandru Staicu, Reka Szabo, Katalin Szucs, Balint Varga .

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