First EIT ICT Labs Master School students to be graduated!

EIT ICT Labs Master School students - Image credit: Hubert Raguet

Talk with Tibor Navracsics - Image credit: Hubert Raguet

On November 28, 2014 the first cohort of EIT ICT Labs Master School students graduated. They were 47 coming from 10 different universities in Europe. The event was hosted by Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC) in Paris, France, one of the first EIT ICT Labs academic partners.

A technical programme augmented with Innovation & Entrepreneurship content

Implemented in 2012, the EIT ICT Labs Master School is a two-year European technical programme augmented with Innovation & Entrepreneurship content. Its objective is to teach students how to turn technology into business. 21 partner universities offer 8 technical specialisations (Digital Media Technology, Cloud Computing and Services, Embedded Systems, Human Computer Interaction and Design, Internet Technology and Architecture, Security and Privacy, Service Design and Engineering, Data Science). EIT ICT Labs adds the Innovation & Entrepreneurship part, which represents 25% of the whole Master’s ECTS credits. All classes are using English as a common working language. Each year, students attend a different university in Europe, which will provide them a double degree, plus the EIT ICT Labs Master’s Certificate.

All graduated now!

Hosted by the scientific and medical Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris, 47 graduated students out of 54 could make the trip and received the EIT ICT Labs Master’s Certificate. They came from 10 universities in 6 countries, with family and friends from 16 nationalities. After the opening by Serge Fdida, UPMC Vice President, EIT ICT Labs tenants reminded the philosophy of the programme (see agenda of the day). "The uniqueness of EIT ICT Labs Master School is to apply knowledge across many situations and connect to the environment" said Frédéric Renouard Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Coordinator. Live from Budapest, by video conferencing, the students could even talk with Tibor Navracsics, the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. Then, the certificates were distributed to each student along with a blue scarf that they displayed with honour the rest of the day. During the evening, students were offered a dinner at the 24th floor of the Zamansky tower in UPMC, with an exclusive view all over Paris.

"Now, I can manage every situation. I am prepared for everything. I can work with all people."

All students were very enthusiastic about the programme and pleased to meet each other again during the ceremony. They demonstrated a capacity to adapt which is an enormous strength in today’s changing world. When asked about their experience, they all agreed on the benefits of English as a second language. "I was a little afraid at the beginning. But in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), all words are already in English anyway. It is more direct." They also appreciated the benefits of mixing technology and business. "I was impressed by Intellectual Property (IP) training. When you are technical, you do not think about that." "My heart is in technology. I appreciated learning Innovation & Entrepreneurship by doing, making mistakes, through real cases, not just lectures.

The first cohort already organised around an Alumni Foundation, which should help them stay in touch and connect across the world. Today, 402 students are currently following EIT ICT Labs Master School in Europe. And next year, 168 of them could graduate.

Check the video on the Graduation Ceremony 2014 in Paris and look what our alumni think of the EIT ICT Labs Master School.

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