First Doctoral School course in Growth & Harvest in Stockholm and Turku

The first Growth & Harvest course of the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School will take place in Stockholm (september 22-27) and Turku. The course is the last of three courses in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship EIT ICT Labs training programme. 

Students are required to have completed the Opportunity Recognition as well as the Business Modeling & Development courses prior to Growth & Harvest. The course is given by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and University of Turku, in cooperation. 

Read more in the blog that specifically addresses and is used as part of the Growth & Harvest course given September to November 2014. The blog is open to anyone to read or comment. The course is managed by Henrik Blomgren, Pasi Malinen, Antti Paasio, and Martin Vendel.

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