Finding the right funding: already more than €75M raised

Finding the right funding: already more than €75M raised

Although customers are said to be the best investors in a company, the raise of funding from investors is still a crucial step for startups in order to further scaleup their business. Startups often fail to find the right investors that are willing to spend significant venture capital sums into their aspiring business idea.

€75 million of venture capital

Amid the trend of decreasing venture capital rounds, the successful connection of scaleups and investors is of paramount importance for Europe’s businesses. The EIT Digital Accelerator program ‘Access to Finance’ has already helped European companies secure more than €75 million, primarily in Series A investments. Access to Finance opens doors to European and international venture capital funds, helping company founders and CEOs get all-important first-meetings with investors seeking to finance fast-growth business opportunities. EIT Digital Investors Events take place regularly around Europe and serve as catalysts for fundraising rounds and successful deals. The latest Investor Events were hosted in Berlin on 27 September and in London on 28 September. Over Active 30 investors (VC and corporate venture investors) from 7 countries were invited and met with over with 20 startups.

"Within the Access to Finance program the quality of companies that seek the financial support has tremendously increased over the past two years. But also our network of Venture Capitalists and Corporate Investors that spans all across Europe brings in splendid experience and outstanding reputation", says Daniel Michel, Head of Access to Finance.

Successful track record

In the past two years Access to Finance has helped 16 scaleups to raise funding. The latest was just closed on 21 September: SecurityMatters, a leading provider of advanced cyber security solutions for Industrial Control Systems, has raised substantial funding above €4,5 million from the Swiss Emerald Technology Ventures, the German VC’s Robert Bosch Venture Capital and Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures as well as the KPN Ventures from The Netherlands.

Among the successful companies was also the leading provider for distribution systems for intercity bus and shuttle rides, Distribusion. In March 2016, EIT Digital has helped the Berlin based Distribusion to raise an investment of €6 million.

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