Finding the balance between stress and recovery

Finding the balance between stress and recovery

Breakfast seminar with Firstbeat in collaboration with EIT Digital

November 16 at 8-10 pm

Join us for a seminar where we will help you to better understand how your wellbeing is influenced by your daily life choices. Wellbeing occurs at work, in your leisure time and even during sleep. Stress is not always negative but being stressed for a long time in combination with insufficient recovery periods can cause stress-related illnesses.

We give you advice and ideas for how to find your personal balance between stress and recovery in everyday life and how to recognize the warning signals when you are off balance. Firstbeat is part of the EIT Digital Accelerator.

The seminar is free of charge but registration is required and binding. The number of participants is limited to 30 persons!

Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm Tegelbacken 6, Sal Haga 4

Program (in Swedish)

08:00-08:30 Breakfast is served
08:30-08:40 Welcome!
08:40-09:00 How do we measure wellbeing?
09:00-09:45 5 do + 5 don´ts for a balanced lifestyle
09:45-10:00 Q&A

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