EURECOM joins forces with Data Moove on 3cixty

EURECOM joins forces with Data Moove on 3cixty

In the south of France (Sophia Antipolis), business has met R&D through a strengthened partnership between Data Moove and EURECOM on 3cixty.

Data Moove is a startup specialized in smart management of data feeds for tourism offices. EURECOM is an international engineer school and a world-class research centre working on communication systems, security and big data. 

Since October 2015, together, they have been developing a platform called 3cixty. This platform improves the search and discovery of culture and tourism offers in smart cities by managing large volume of heterogeneous data streams, which bring intelligence and predictive analysis. This clever combination between the research and business worlds encourages the development of innovations and provides a real emulation.

"3cixty does not only curate data, but also uses data" says Frédéric Bossard, CEO of Data Moove. 

This collaboration allows Data Moove to benefit from the 3cixty platform while EURECOM enters the capital of the startup by 10% for transferring its technologies. 3cixty project was originally co-developed by EURECOM and other partners, supported by EIT Digital, the leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation.

3cixty was experimented during the World Expo in Milan in 2015. It helped visitors to better discover the city or simply informed the citizen of the continuous cultural offerings.

3cixty technologies include the possibility of collecting, cleaning, enriching, categorizing and deduplicating numerous and heterogeneous data feeds in order to build a so-called knowledge base. The platform provides as well web and mobile applications that present this semantic information in a smart way. In a near future, this rich information will also be integrated in an existing city application, providing the possibility to fully plan and book one's visit. 

The strategic partnership between Data Moove and EURECOM allows a new business model which is generating turnover using a particular commercial offering based on a monthly fee proposed to the local authorities and tourist offices that benefit from a much greater exposure thanks to 3cixty technologies.

While the project has focused on the tourism domain, the technologies which have been developed are generic and prospects in the medical sector are currently being approached.

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