Enoba Smart Contruction: holistic solutions for the building construction industry


In this specific use case, Enoba has equipped the trucks’ and excavators’ drivers with smartphones and the Enoba Drive App that tracks where machines are located and what they are doing.


The construction sector is a very competitive industry and it's highly time sensitive. Many construction sites are not able to finish their project on time and staying on budget is extremely challenging. At least, until now.

Enoba Smart Construction, an EIT Digital-supported innovation activity within the Digital Industry focus area, is providing holistic solutions to automatically monitor workflows and tasks at construction sites.

The activity was launched in 2018 and, as part of the business plan, a spin-off was created by activity leader DFKI. The company, named Enoba, was born with the mission to enable all construction projects to optimize the use of resources and to meet budgets, schedules and exceed quality requirements.

Enoba makes state-of-the-art technology easily accessible to construction companies, combining artificial intelligence (AI) with modern internet-of-things and cloud technologies to provide easy-to-use solutions focused on the specific needs of the construction industry.

As first members of the Enoba ecosystem, Enoba Drive and Enoba Manage work together to improve the efficiency of earth-moving operations. Infused with artificial intelligence, they provide real-time instructions for drivers, generate new insights for managers, and improve information flow. Prototypes are currently being tested at a partner’s highway constructions site.

In this specific use case, Enoba has equipped the trucks’ and excavators’ drivers with smartphones and the Enoba Drive App that tracks where machines are located and what they are doing. In addition, information about the load and the environment of the trucks will be gathered by sensors.

All information is fed in real time into the Enoba Manage platform where it can be viewed live by the respective stakeholders (e.g. the project manager) and AI algorithms are used to aid drivers and managers in taking decisions on and off site.

Marco Hirsch, CEO of Enoba“We chose the very specific use case of construction sites to enter the market because of their huge potential in terms of savings, and also because it was feasible to complete the prototyping within the time frame of the innovation activity. But we are already extending the same technology for very different use cases," says Enoba's CEO Marco Hirsch.

Another project of the activity team - which mostly consists of former and current DFKI employees - is about collaborating with manufacturers of tools and machines to bring together sensor values such as usage data, vibrations, noise and engine parameters with environmental data.

This information, processed with Enoba’s AI based analytics, can then be used to optimize workflows, predict machine breakdowns and allow new and innovative business models.

“Making tools smarter is, of course, a general trend but Enoba’s services differentiate from most of the other ones. Our background and network allow us to combine cutting edge AI technologies with practical approaches.

Additionally, with our solutions all the data coming from different sources is easily accessible, whereas often it is partitioned into silos and managed by dedicated apps and software,” explains Hirsch. To achieve this, Enoba uses and provides open interfaces to integrate existing solutions and different information sources.

Partners of the Enoba Smart Construction innovation activity include Ferrovial Agroman, Ci3, DFKI and FBK. Enoba’s services also include consulting on the use of innovative technologies and methods of AI in construction and contract development to solve specific challenges in customers’ projects.

Enoba dashboard

Enoba dashboard

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