Enhancing Europe’s data-driven economy by trusted cloud solutions

Workshop on Cloud Reliability and Resilience at the Berlin Co-location centre.

<a href="">Workshop on Cloud Reliability and Resilience</a> at the Berlin Co-location centre.

Enhancing Europe’s data-driven economy by trusted cloud solutions

Cloud computing is developing fast and it is expected that European cloud market could grow from €9.5bn in 2013 to €44.8bn by 2020, i.e. almost five times the market size in 2013. Cloud computing is becoming a utility such as water, energy, transportation, or telecommunications, and providers must ensure highly resilient solutions for increasingly demanding service users. The development of new strategies, techniques, and methods to evaluate and increase the reliability and resilience of cloud platforms from a software perspective is fundamental.

EIT Digital gathered experts from the leading companies and academic organisation, such as Huawei, Microsoft, Google, University of Oxford, and TU Darmstadt, at the Workshop on Cloud Reliability and Resilience that took place on November 7-8 in Berlin Co-location centre to discuss and contribute to the creation of a new generation of highly reliable cloud platforms. The need for the standardization of cloud platforms technologies and the reliability of platforms, was one of the key topics addressed and highlighted by Dr. Götz Reinhäckel, Head of Cloud Engineering, T-Systems International, Germany.

“Despite the widespread success of public cloud services, issues such as outages, downtime, and data loss have prevented many organizations to embrace the cloud”, says Jorge Cardoso, Huawei ERC and General Chair of the Workshop, “top experts in cloud computing came together at the Workshop to discuss solutions that can be applied at the European scale and beyond in the coming years”.

“At EIT Digital Infrastructure we focus on developing distributed cloud solutions that are secure and privacy aware with objective to drive the digital economy overall”, comments Henrik Abramowicz, EIT Digital Infrastructure Action Line Lead.

Several innovation activities are carried out by EIT Digital to accelerate European trusted cloud businesses and ecosystems by providing better tools and services for consumers and businesses to take greater control over the use of personal and sensitive data. The innovative solutions already developed has been showcased for potential business partners and customers at Internetdagarna 2016 in Stockholm on November 21-22 and will be presented at EIT Digital Italian Innovation day in Trento on December 15.

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