EIT ICT Labs workshop & final conference on mediating presence

Discussing the intuitive interface

Discussing artisitic research

Students of Lulea University executing the workshop

TU/d board members visiting the exhibition

Audience @ exhibition

The fourth and final workshop within the "Mediating Presence" activity of EIT ICT Labs took place on 19 – 22 November 2012, TU Delft, the Netherlands. The workshop was combined with a conference, which allowed the 75 participants to reflect on work produced in 2012, to make conclusions, and to prepare next year’s activities within EIT ICT Labs.

The research programme Mediating Presence focuses on (technological) architectures for social interaction in professional environments. Mediating Presence is part of EIT ICT Labs of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), through its action line ICT-Mediated Human Activity.

The Mediating Presence activity developed throughout 2012, consisted of four workshops and one experience lab. After the first workshop that focused on SPACE (Stockholm, March); our second workshop on the concept of TIME (Delft, June), our third on the theme RELATION (Stockholm, September), it is time to address the theme ACTION. 

Mediating Sketching Table

The workshop in Delft, was carried out by a group students of the Lulea University. Together with researchers of TBM, EWI and IO, the Mediating Sketching Table was further developed. This project is part of the research programme on Mediating Presence of EIT ICT Labs. During the week the students were experimenting the communication possibility of the sketching table by using state of the art cameras borrowed by the company ‘Projection Design’. 

The exhibition

Next to the workshop an exhibition was build up by researchers and artists showcasing demonstrators of the EIT ICT Labs Mediating Presence programme as well as art created in the research project Witnessing You.

Researcher Caroline Nevejan brought R&D and artists together in a joint project in which they explored trust and truth in our networked environment. Mediamatic Lab, one of the partners, developed a special internet environment as reflection platform:

The result of the scientific research is published in a special issue Witnessed Presence, van AI & Society, Journal for Knowledge, Culture and Communication. De result of the artistic research is published in a book ‘Witnessing You’. It is for sale via bookstores, and amazon.

Professor Jeroen van de Hoven and Paul Rullman, Members of the Executive Board of the TU Delft opened the exhibition and underlined the importance of this type of groundbreaking research. After welcoming the 75 participants divided into four break-out sessions to explore interdisciplinary research themes: the mediated courtroom, the mediated hospital, the mediated negotiation space and meta-design for participatory systems. 

Patrick Strating, Node Director of EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven, emphasized that one must not forget that the results of EIT ICT Labs research should lead to new business and jobs in Europe. Often we reach for higher skies, forgetting the business opportunity already developed.  


Witnessed Presence, special issue AI & Society, Journal for Knowledge, Culture and Communication 27:1, Eds.: Caroline Nevejan & Satinder P. Gill, Springer 2012

Witnessing You, on trust and truth in a networked world, Caroline Nevejan, Distribution: Idea Books, Amsterdam, ISBN/EAN: 978 90 819839 0 7


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